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National Yoga Month

The kids are back in school. The weather is becoming crisp. It’s time to start a new routine. Will this routine include yoga? September is National Yoga Month. What better time to begin or re-establish a yoga routine.   What is National Yoga Month? – In 2008 the United States health department decided to make

Chakras – What are they?

Chakras – a cluster of energy that metaphysically exists in the body and physically manifests itself throughout the body. Is this a bunch of “spiritual” balogna? Or, is there something more to this? Before you make a hasty judgement take a few minutes to get a better understanding of what chakras are and how they work.

Introductory Blog

It is with great joy that we at Grimsby Yoga and Wellness Studio are able to share this newly updated website. This new website is not just a fresh version of our previous one; instead, this new site offers so much more! From our photo galleries, to our online store, the live schedule and our

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