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Grimsby Yoga’s Perfect Fit System

What is The Perfect Fit System?

At Grimsby Yoga and Wellness, we don’t just SELL equipment and accessories.  It is important to us that you are purchasing the correct product for you!

Your equipment and accessories are personal and need to be appropriately sized for each individual.  Equally important is that it is both comfortable and easy to use.  For all these reasons we have developed a system that allows you to “try before you buy”, ensuring that EVERY purchase you make will be the Perfect Fit.

Browse our available products below and come into the studio to “try before you buy”.


TPE Yoga Mat





PER Yoga Mat





Zeroslip Yoga Towel





B.I.G. Yoga Bag









TPE Eco Yoga Mat

The Dusky Leaf TPE eco mat is incredibly lightweight yet equally supportive in offering the support and cushioning you expect from a premium yoga mat.  Unlike heavier PVC mats, this eco youga mat is easy to roll and crry to and from class.  Biodegradable and non-toxic, it is made form and advanced material that repels moisture.  It is acutally impossible for this mat to absorb moisture during practice, meaning your mat will offer a cleaner and healthier surface for your yoga practice.  24″ x 72″.

PER Eco Yoga Mat

This eco-friendly yoga mat helps you get the most from your yoga practice.  It provides cushioning to help protect your joints and traction to help keep your hands and feet in place.  Made from a non-toxic & biodegradable material, this yoga mat is a great choice for the earth-concious yogi or yogini.  Standard: 4 mm x 24″ x 68″

Zero Slip Yoga Towel

The Zeroslip yoga towel from Dusky Leaf features a unique combination of a bamboo fabric blend on top and a biodegradable sticky foam on the bottom.  The top layer contains the charcoal form bamboo, which has natural anti-bacterial properties.  The bottom layer is designed to keep the towel from moving around on the surface of a yoga mat, so you can focus on your practice instead of worrying about your towel slipping around.  24″ x 68″

Sadhu Yoga Towel

This microfiber towel makes your practice more enjoyable by wicking away sweat and eliminating slipping.  It is made from a soft cloth that easily absorbs moisture and dries quickly.  Sized to fit perfectly over a standard-size yoga mat, this yoga towel can be used not only as a foundation for your yoga practice but as a general towel for use on the hands, face or body.  24″ x 72″

B.I.G. Yoga Bag

This Dusky Leaf yoga and gym bag has plenty of room for a yoga mat, water bottle, towel, change of clothing and much more.  It is made from durable, all-natural cotton canvas.  The bag has handles and an adjustable shoulder strap as well as inner and outer pockets for holding small items.  28″L x 9″H x 6.5″W

Yoga Accessories Direct To You



D Ring Yoga Strap










Foam Yoga Wedge




3" Yoga Block




Original Foam Block







Yogitoes Towel















Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket

These bright, beautiful blankets enhance any home or yoga space. They are made from a high quality, bright coloured material blend of 50%acrylic, 40% polyester, and 10% cotton. Wash after wash, they hold their shape, colour and super soft texture. The blanket weighs about 2.4 lbs., and at 74”x52”, the blanket is big enough to cover your whole body when lying down. Use this loosely woven blanket for warmth, comfort or lend support and extra padding for yoga poses such as shoulder stand or plow.

8’ D-Ring Buckle Cotton Yoga Strap

Not flexible enough for yoga? Try using one of our yoga straps to help give you that extra bit of flexibility needed to achieve poses that require reaching for limbs. This Yoga strap is 1.5” wide, providing maximum comfort and preventing constricted circulation. These cotton yoga straps are useful for yogis of all levels. They are made from high quality, extra durable cotton, and have an anti-slip lock buckle, giving you the support and security necessary to achieve poses safely.

Foam Yoga Wedge

Do your wrists hurt from plank and downward dog? Do you struggle with deep squat. Use this foam wedge to give you the added support your joints need during class. This versatile prop can be used under your heels when squatting, or under your palms during downward dog. It is made of a lightweight, soft, scratch-proof foam, which is extremely durable. It is 24”L x 3”D x 1”H

3” Foam Block

Foam Blocks lend support and extension to countless yoga postures. This 3” Foam Block is made from sturdy, scratch resistant foam and is deceptively strong and durable. Designed with comfortable beveled edges, this foam yoga block is easy to grasp and manipulate with one hand. Use one under your hand for triangle, side angle or half moon. You’ll find that a foam block can provide the stability and lengthening leverage you need to fully extend into your favourite postures.

6” Original Superblock

This 6” block is a revolutionary support tool designed to make flexibility and strength exercise accessible to everyone. Standing over 13” tall this foam yoga block generously “raises the floor” to reduce and meet individual body needs. Its super-sized design is safe, sturdy and strong. It eases forward bends, back bends, balance and seated position. It is very effective for those with tight hips or hamstrings. The block measures 6 ½” x 9 ¼” x 13 ½”.

Pranayama Cotton Bolster

Designed to support the length of the spine, this bolster promotes gentle expansion of the lungs to facilitate deeper breathing. This versatile cotton bolster also provides support for many other yoga postures such as elevating the hips. This bolster is firm enough to provide full support, yet soft enough to be quite comfortable. It is stuffed with 100% cotton and measures 25” x 3” x 6”. It has a removable cover for easy washing.

Mat-Size Yogitoes SKIDLESS Yoga Towel

The mat-sized Yogitoes towel fits completely over your mat, giving you perfect, slip-free coverage. The slip-proof secret comes from hundreds of tiny clear silicon dots which grip to your yoga mat enabling you to have better traction. Since they are ultra-absorbent and no-skid, they are perfect for our hot classes. A Yogitoes towel also puts a hygienic layer between you and your yoga mat. After a sweaty class, you can toss this towel into the washing machine and dry on a delicate setting; and you’ll find this towel comes out soft and smelling fresh. It is made of 805 polyester and 20% nylon, with organic dyes. The skidless nubs are completely earth friendly, as they are made from silicon and contain no latex.


Round Embroidered Cotton Meditation Zafu Cushion

Our Round Embroidered Cotton Meditation Zafu Cushion gives you designer style without paying custom prices. Choose the blooming lotus flower or the inspiring ohm symbol, beautifully embroidered on the top center of the pillow. Colors include a vibrant orange or a more subtle black, red, navy or purple. The 100% twill cotton cover is very durable, but when you need to wash it, look for a hidden zipper for removal. Our cotton Zafu meditation pillow is filled with a generous three inches of natural cotton stuffing. The inner batting, which is securely enclosed in a natural cotton casing, is packed densely enough to provide solid support, but soft enough for comfort. The round shape is traditional, but this embroidered design is contemporary and will add style to your meditation room or corner. We also think this round embroidered Zafu is the perfect designer-style gift for that special someone on your list.



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