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Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say About Grimsby Yoga and Wellness

This is the best yoga studio I have gone to, very warm and welcoming. I have learned a lot about my body and how to get it stronger. Thank you!

Linda Hand

I have been going to the studio for 2 years now (give or take) and it has been one of the best hobbies I have tried. I am not much of a gym person and so I tried yoga as an alternative. I enjoy yoga because it involves exercises that are suitable and doable for all. Its focus on meditation and breathing was what captured my attention the most. Every time I go to class I look forward to being able to relax and not think about what needs to be done outside of class. I especially love trying new positions and building on them. Much of what I have learned in class I have been able to take home and apply which is great! Without the staff at the studio, I would not had such great experiences. Amy is a wonderful teacher and with the help of her family, there is a sense of community within the studio. Joining the studio has been the best decision I have made to stay active and happy. I cannot thank you enough!

Marlaina Sann

I’ve been going to Grimsby Yoga Studio for over a year and I love it! The variety of classes, and the different teaching styles of each instructor, give me the opportunity to either get a great work out or to be more reflective – depending on how I feel. My favourite classes are the hot classes – where I feel like I’m temporarily escaping our long, cold winters! One of the great parts is the warm, family like feel that welcomes you when you step through the door! Amy and Ryan know everyone by name, and always have a warm greeting, and if you’ve been away for a while you’re always missed! I’m so happy to be a part of this great studio.

Natalie Walker

I am an international student in the UK, and my parents moved to Grimsby while I was away at school; as a result, I know almost no one in the area. The first time I went home to visit for several weeks, however, I found Grimsby Yoga and Wellness, and discovered a welcoming, friendly atmosphere that made me feel truly at home. The yoga instruction is both supportive and challenging, and I always come away with new skills to share and work on. Although I can only visit Grimsby Yoga every couple of months, they always remember me, and I feel as if I never left! It is a warm, inviting studio, and part of what I look forward to when coming home from school each summer and Christmas!

Joanne Paul, London, UK

I had been a part time Yogi for a couple of years, doing gentle Yoga once a week before looking for a challenge and joining Grimsby Yoga and Wellness.
I took a one month unlimited membership in 2011, and went to the studio every day. The instruction and personal encouragement I got was fantastic.
Hot yoga in particular under infra red heat totally transformed my flexibility, blood pressure and breathing technique. It has had an amazing effect on my lifestyle and improved my performance in other sports.
Everyone , regardless of experience is made welcome at the studio and that is an approach Amy and Ryan have nurtured in all the members.
Never in a million years did I think I would one day be doing a head stand!!!

Paul Byrne

I think Grimsby is so lucky to have a locally owned and operated Hot Yoga studio that is open 7 days a week! Amy is a very patient teacher who takes the time to explain each move so you don’t feel lost. There is no pressure to do a hand stand although she does gently encourage you to push your boundaries such as “Baby Crow” which I will crack one day

Helen J Moffatt

I am so fortunate to have found Amy’s yoga studio. I was relatively new to yoga and now cannot imagine a day without my practice.
Amy is a wonderful gifted teacher, her style is both confident and challenging. Amy is always encouraging in all of her teachings. She is insightful in guiding me to my healthiest and most enlightened place. After completing each of her classes, I always leave feeling centered and restored.
Thank you Amy for continually guiding me in my yoga experience.

AnnMarie Crossby

When Grimsby Yoga and Wellness first came to my hometown, Grimsby, I was more than excited to get into the studio and see what Amy and Ryan were offering. At this time I was driving about 20 minutes to a yoga studio out of town as there was nothing here in Grimsby! What I didn’t expect at the time was to be whole heartedly welcomed into a community of people sharing the same passion and love for yoga and the body & mind that had grown within me over the years of my practice. This community happily welcomes newcomers, there is no clique-ness at all which can be present in some studios – it is truly comforting to be in the studio.
My favourite classes with Amy are Hot Hatha and Hot Vinyasa. It is wonderful leaving the studio with a fresh mind and perspective on my life. I am so thankful to Amy for bringing her experiences and education to Grimsby. Over the past month, I have been taking my practice very seriously, trying to push myself with every exhale and really sink into my poses to feel the stretch. Amy is a wonderful instructor, always pushing me a little bit with confidence and support to try new poses which I never thought I could ever do. I surprise myself daily with poses that I am learning, and it brings joy to my life! It is an accomplishment and satisfaction that lasts within you.
Grimsby Yoga and Wellness is the perfect studio to break down your barriers and boundaries you put on yourself, and truly see the world from a different perspective. Thank you Amy, Ryan and Pat for helping to make yoga a daily part of my life

Katie Reid

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