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Our Team

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Amy Marchese

CEO and Instructor

In 2003 Amy was introduced to Reiki, and soon after earned her Level 1 Reiki. In 2004 Amy was involved in a serious cycling accident, suffering long term injuries. This slowed Amy’s active life down, and led to extensive time spent on physiotherapy and many other treatment forms.  A dependency on these various treatments was formed, as they were used to assist in controlling her pain. Amy became frustrated as there was no solution to the pain in this program.

Wanting to take healing into her own hands Amy began her path with yoga. Amy began practicing yoga in 2006.  She practiced intermittently over the next couple years, struggling because of her injuries. It wasn’t until she looked past the physical aspect of yoga and understood yoga better that she was able to overcome her physical limitations.

From there she successfully incorporated yoga into her lifestyle and could do it well. Slowly Amy began getting stronger and felt great relief from her injuries. Yoga had helped so much in her recovery that she wanted to share this realization and to teach Yoga.  Amy earned her teacher training certification during the summer of 2010 at Heaven on Earth Yoga and Wellness Institute with Karen Claffey, in Stoney Creek, Ontario.

Amy has been a secondary school teacher since 2001 and is an active member of her school community at Bishop Ryan Catholic Secondary School in Hamilton. She is an avid cyclist and enjoys an active lifestyle.

    Pat Marchese

    Office Manager/Reiki Instructor

    Pat experienced her first reiki session in 2003. She was getting ready for a second surgery from a broken ankle, when she was advised to seek a reiki treatment. Needless to say the surgery and recovery  were very successful, after receiving the reiki.

    After several reiki treatments, Pat decided to learn more about it. She received her first level of reiki in 2004 and her second level in 2005. She went on to receive her masters in 2007.

    Today she not only enjoys teaching Reiki, but giving reiki treatments as well.

    Reiki is an excellent way to align your body, mind and spirit.  At the yoga studio, clients can benefit from having a reiki session first, followed by a yoga class. Pat has also taken many workshops working with crystals and the Chakras.

    Pat enjoys her reception work at Grimsby Yoga and Wellness Studio, each client, whether reiki or yoga enriches her daily life.

      Ryan Tibbs

      Director and Instructor

      Ryan has always been a fitness enthusiast, he came to yoga for his own personal reasons. After dealing with a very difficult divorce and depression, Ryan tried yoga in 2009. It took a little time, but Ryan grew to love his practice and was able to deal with his depression and put it behind him.

      He had such a positive and life changing experience through his practice that he wanted to share his love for yoga with others. Together with his wife, Amy Marchese, they spent over a year researching before opening their own studio in Grimsby.

      Ryan took his 200 hour intensive teacher training with Karen Claffey at Heaven on Earth Yoga Institute in Stoney Creek. Ryan likes to bring intensity to class and mixes it up by throwing in a little meditation, fun sequences and partner yoga from time to time.

      “I try to make every class a unique experience. I love teaching and sharing my passion for yoga and making every class fun. I want everyone to feel like a kid again and find time to play. Nothing makes me feel better than seeing members leave with a smile on their faces.”

        Kathy McWilliam


        More than twenty years ago, Kathy experienced an instant connection when she attended her first yoga class. The unique practice of yoga, encompassing body, mind and soul, intrigued her and from that first calming breath in class, Kathy knew she had found what she was looking for. Being a runner and cyclist, she also realized the physical benefits of yoga; incorporating the practice as an effective method of cross-training, to strengthen and tone, as well as increasing flexibility to reduce the risk of injury. She then began to deepen her own practice and decided to share her love of yoga with others.

        Kathy has been continually motivated by her own teachers and through continuing education and workshops led by Rod Stryker, Natasha Rizopoulos, Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman, Seane Corn, Todd Norian, and JP Tamblyn-Sabo, among others. She has also had the privilege of studying Yoga Philosophy and Meditation with Tony Murdock. Kathy’s favourite pose is Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward Facing Dog, considered both an invigorating and restorative pose, Downdog provides a perfect balance of effort and ease. It can be part of an energetic Surya Namaskara ( Sun Salutation) or a place to rest, to bring serenity to mind and body.

        She truly feels that each time we come onto our mat, we learn something new about the practice and about ourselves.

        We are proud to have Kathy as a part of our Grimsby Yoga team, currently she is teaching Tuesday morning Hatha Yoga.

          Myles Drake


          World traveler, public speaker, gymnast, motocross daredevil, yoga instructor, and a well mannered young man.
          Myles took his teacher training in India in 2014.
          His classes are fun and inspiring. He is wise beyond his years and gets better every time he instructs a class.
          Myles currently teaches weekday morning Hot Vinyasa Flow Classes. Check him out before he leaves for his next adventure in China next year!





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