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The achievement is the act of doing.

Grimsby Yoga and Wellness Studio Inc. is for everyone. Our philosophy is that everyone can do yoga. You don’t have to be physically fit, or flexible. You just have be you; be present in the moment and ready to challenge yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Grimsby Yoga is for you!

This is the best yoga studio I have gone to, very warm and welcoming. Thank you!

Linda Hand

Joining the studio has been the best decision I have made to stay active and happy. I cannot thank you enough!

Marlaina Sann

The variety of classes, and the different teaching styles of each instructor, give me the opportunity to either get a great work out or to be more reflective – depending on how I feel.

Natalie Walker

I am an international student in the UK,… they always remember me, and I feel as if I never left!

Joanne Paul, London, UK

Everyone, regardless of experience is made welcome at the studio and that is an approach Amy and Ryan have nurtured in all the members.
Paul Byrne

Amy is a very patient teacher … although she does gently encourage you to push your boundaries.
Helen J Moffatt

I was relatively new to yoga and now cannot imagine a day without my practice. Namaste

AnnMarie Crossby

Grimsby Yoga and Wellness is the perfect studio to break down your barriers and boundaries you put on yourself, and truly see the world from a different perspective.
Katie Reid




This is a more traditional class focused on staying in poses

Hot Hatha


This is the same as the Hatha class however the room is heated to 100 degrees Fahrenheit

Hot Vinyasa Flow

vinyasa flow

As you flow in and out of breath your body flows through the movements of the poses.

Gentle Warm Flow


This is a slower paced vinyasa flow class in a room warmed to 80 degrees Fahrenheit

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